Monday, October 02, 2006

Goooodbye Cbox and Hello Comment box. (:

Went to shop with Adel and my mum just now.
I bought a top and Adel bought an overall. [:
nice nice. Cuz i chose both wad.
Adel couldnt find any top she like so i chose for her.
Chose something i like. =X
But she like it too lahz
Mine is abit stripe and abit of black n white.
And we bought a small tiara ! sweeeeeet.
theres 3 size. small medium and big.
Wanted to buy the big one.
But its like too big for adel cuz her hair is short.
So we settled on the medium one. I love..
But we dont dare to wear it.
And i have no idea y we bought it in the first place !
After that Adel and my mum went to eat.
I wasnt hungry so i watched them eat.

Supposed to go Superbowl to bowl with KH, YQ n his 2 neighbours.
But heard that Mingyu isnt going.
So i decided not to go in the end.
If i go, its my 2nd time playing.

AuditionSEA is getting alittle boring for me. :/
Maggie mee later. [:

Maybeline : I'm not anti-social. Im just not so sociable. [: