Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mood : Blank

Today is tiring !
Left the hospital at 1.30pm and went back to sch.
Was glad to see Meiling @ Admin block waiting for me. [:
Left school at 4pm. (I think so)
Went home with Safa that joker. :D

Went to watch Death Note with YQ yesterday night.
Again, it was a last min decision.
Before going there, Went to see Max n Marcel.
( Max n Marcel are his nephews )

The day before yesterday,
There was an accident at his bus stop.
And the whole floor was scattered with bits n pieces of glass.
What if someone accidentally falls and injure him/herself?
I mean its like so dangerous. (right?!)
Man ! I think they should like send someone over n clean it asap.

Anyway, Back to the topic.
The movie was Not-So-Bad.
Except that its not exciting enough.
And theres no ending ! urghhh !

Home Sweet Home @ 12midnight. [:

I am trying to think positively right now.
You know when u dont feel good,
Confide in someone u can trust.
You will feel better. [:
You are the best one ever.
I believe u know who u are. ;]
Many Many Thanks !



How true is this? Guys rate it !

When a GUY is quiet and is alone,
He's is thinking how good you're.

When a GUY is lying on his bed,
He is thinking deeply why he loves you.

When a GUY looks at you in your eyes,
He wants to tell you how much he loves you and how important you're.

When a GUY answers "I'm Fine" after awhile,
He is not and feels hurts.

When a GUY keep asking you the same question,
He is wondering why you are lying.

When a GUY hugs you while sleeping,
He is wishing that you belongs to him forever.

When a GUY calls you everyday,
He Miss You and wants your attention.

When a GUY wants to see you everyday,
He cares for you and want to know how are you today.

When a GUY sms's u everyday,
He wants you to know he is fine.

When a GUY says I love you,
He really means it.

When a GUY says that he can't live without you,
He has made up his mind that you are his future wife.

When a GUY says "I Miss You",
He wants to see you immeditely.