Monday, October 23, 2006

Mood : Happy


So like today, My family went to IKEA.
Bought a full length mirror and some shoe rack.
Useless stuffs :x

After that, my dad went to see car.
Cause he wanna change his car.
But i like his current car. :/

Finally, I went to get myself a new handphone.
Upgrade 2 years and paid only $348 for a a SE k800i.
Wanted to go for N80 or N73.
But someone introduced me k800i.
And i soooo love the cam !
And the colour of the phone. BLACK ! :D
If only i can change its cover to Black, White n Red. :D
Time to start downloading the themes and stuffs.

Have been using Nokia phone for like 6 - 7 years.
So im a SE newbie. :/
Kinda hard to use.

But its okay.
1 wishie down [:

Maybeline : Should i smile cause u r my friend? 0r cry cause thats all we will ever be.


About ME
1.Name : Maybeline Sim
2.Gender : Female
3.Zodiac sign: Dragon

4.Color : Black, Red, WHITE. Used to like Pink alot but now WHITE WHITE WHITE.
5.Food : SUSHI n Laksa :D
6.Drinks : Ice/Hot Milo ; Lemon Barley
7.Numbers : 17 , 11 , 1988 LOL
8.Brand : Adidas
9.Songs : Alot. ;]
10.Movies: Harry Potter Series and alot alot more.
11.Subject : English n History.
12.Day of the week : Saturday.
13.Animals : Dogs & Hamsters. Anything furrry.

14.Thinking of : What are you doing right now? [:
15.Listening to : Goong OST

.Do you believe in

16.Love: Yes.
17.Faith : Yup
18.Yourself : Depends.
19.Angels : I wish u could make me believe in them.

.Last time u

20.Worn jeans : 2 weeks ago.
21.Cleaned your room: 3 weeks ago
22.Cried : Mmm..
23.Met someone new : Urm. Not sure?
24.last two daes went out with : My parents?
25.Do you have a BF/GF : Nope. [:
26.Do u admire anyone : [:

27.Does someone admire you : [:
28.Do you plan on having kids : Err. Yes?
29.How old you wanna be when you get married : 23 - 25. whahaha.
30.How many kids do you want : Maybe 2 ?
31.Would you have kids before marriage : NO
32.Have you found your other half : [:
33.What do you want most in a relationship : Trust, Faith n Feelings.

Either One:
34.Pink or Black : Black
35.Kiss or hug : Hug
36.Summer or Winter : Winter
37.Sunny or Rainy : Rainy
38.Chocolate or Vanilla : White Chocolate !!
39.Hanging out or chill: Chilling out.
40.Music or TV : Music
41.Hamburger or Pizza : Pizza. Yum.
42.Smiling or Laughing : Laughing.
43.Sleeping or eating : Sleeping.
44.Mc Donald's or KFC: McDonald's
45.Silver or Gold : Silver.
46.Sunset or Sunrise : Sunset
47.On phone or in person : In person
48.Diamonds or Pearls : Diamonds.
49.Ocean Pacific or Roxy : Roxy
50.Love or Like : Love [: