Monday, October 30, 2006

Mood : Happy

Went to VIVO City again yesterday.
Because Huiyan havent been there before so i brought her there :D
Had my first n last meal of the day at 7pm.
McDonalds !

Went to visit Yikqi too as she was working somewhere near there.
Bought 2 small bags.
Small n convenient. ilove.
Huiyan bought 1 too. ^^

And i saw my bitchyling there !
That girl hid behind me n tickled me.
Rubbish ! lol.
Happy Happy. :D

Left VIVO at 9pm.
Was walking to the bus stop and saw Yikqi again. lol.
So we took the same bus together.

So like, Huiyan and me went to meet Derek.
Went to Superbowl's McDonalds.
Talked hell loads.
And then there was a part whereby Huiyan was talking and was using some weird body language at the same time,
Derek and me got the same reaction and imitated her. [ At the same time too ]
But worst comes to worst,
As we chat,
I found out that i actually forgot to bring my house key out.
Smsed Adel and shes asleep alrdy.
The whole family is sleeping.
If i call home just to wake them up to open the door for me,
im bound to get grounded for sure.
So they accompanied me till 3am.
Was left with no choice, contact lens was drying up so i have to take them off.
So we left Mac at 3am and headed to Derek's house.

Explored his cupboards,
Browse thru his primary school pictures,
and Crapped again.
Managed to close my eyes for awhile.
Mummy called and said that she will open the door for me.
So we left his place at 6am +

Many many thanks to the both of you. [:

Showered and slept at 7am.

Woke up at 11am.
Which means i only slept for 4hours. ;[
My dad drove the SIMS family into Malaysia today.
Ate abit of lunch.
Bought contact lens, tees, coin purse, dvds, titbits n gums.
Malaysia is a shopping paradise.

Went to borrow Health Booklet from YQ.
As my teacher wants us to bring it.
And i misplaced mine. -.-

Hahs. Till then !

Hahaha ! Huiyan and her new hairstyle.


I didnt realise that i need you.
But my life wouldnt be complete n perfect without you.
Because, You are the only one who can get him off my mind completely
And because of you, im afraid.

Welcome to my life. [: