Monday, October 16, 2006

Mood : Sad

Dream Guy/Girl

Hair Color: Brown, Black :D
Eye Color: Anything is fine.
Height: As long as he is taller than me.
Six Pack: No such need. [:
Facial Hair: No thanks.
Long or Short Hair: Anything as long as he likes.
Glasses: WITH ! :D
Piercings: No need.
Chest Hair: -.-
Buff or Skinny: Acceptable?
Straight Teeth, Gap, or Braces: Straight.

Personality: Caring [:
Funny or Serious: Noe when is the time to be funny n serious.
Party boy or Stay at home: Anything.
Should he/she cook: I hope he cooks for me once in awhile. :P
Should he/she have a best friend: Obviously
Should he/she have a lotta girlfriends: Uhhhh...
Outgoing or Shy: Anything.
Sarcastic or Sincere: SINCERE !
Should he/she love his mother: Yes of cause.
Should he/she watch chick flicks: eh?
Phone or in person: Person :P

Would he/she be a smoker: Its a NO-NO.
Would he/she drink?: Occasionally?
Would he/she swear: No such need.
One or more girls at a time: -.-

Would he/she pay for dates: No such need too.
Does he/she kiss on the first date: errr..
Where would you go to dinner: Anywhere.
Bring you flowers: Occasionally? =X
Write poetry about you: No.

Should he/she hang out with you and YOUR friends: I hope so but no such need.
Would you hang out with him/her and HIS friends: Anything.

When he/she hugs you, where are his arms: Back?
Will he/she walk you to the door at the end: Yup.
Holding Hands: Why not?
Hugging: I love hugs!
Short, Sweet Kisses: mmm..


Tmr is Monday.
Because of her,
i feel frighten to go back for attachment.

Went out with my mum in the noon.
Bought some accessories and a bag [:
Ahhh. And a Maybelline blusher too.
ilove ilove ilove ;

Boring day again.
Have been watching " Princess hours " since 5pm.

I wanna go Vivo City !
Looks fun.
Maybe because i saw the pictures at wendy's blog.
She wore the pink plastic hair.

I cant wait for next Sunday.
Going to go Ice Skating.
But its like 7 days more.. :/
189hours more. :/

Yawnnnn. Back to attachment tmr.
Happy days is owas short.


Maybeline : Its only a dream.. I know.. But pls allow me to dream longer..