Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mood : Stressed


Yesterday and today,
2 peaceful day.

Am in a new ward n the afternoon shift timing is a little diff from the others.
Its from 1230pm to 8.30pm.
The new ward is quite busy.
So like my chauffeur picked me up.
But he was late though ! ;[
Only 5mins late but i hate waiting ! ;[

Went home with Eileen today.
She was complaining about so, so and so through out the whole bus ride n lunchtime.
Was like so happy that theres only about 6 weeks left.
But after looking at my time table,
Urgh. I have to work afternoon shift on my birthday.
And it sucks.
Because last year i worked afternoon shift during my birthday too.
But nvm.
Think positively ! :D

Toodles ;


I love to tell u whats happening around me.
I love to complain to you about this and that.
I love to tell myself that " You're here, You're here. "
I love to see ur name appear on my phone.
I love to see ur contact online in my list.

And i wud love to know, Whats wrong with me?