Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Woke up at 3pm.
Checked my results.
Still not bad. :D

Went to Gym with Derek. :D
Reached there at 4.30pm
Left at 7.20pm

At 8pm, we went for our dinner at Mcdonald.
My first meal of the day. :D
I see the words FAT again. ;(

I cant wait to go swimming tmr with wendy and maybe Huiyan?
I miss Lazy river, the big slides and everything !

I feel like watching high school musical again ~~~

I hate love Dareius !
He helped me to earn 18,000 Dens in Audition !
Hes damn pro man.
We played the NPC thingy.
His score alone was 800k and above !
Wahaha. i love ilove.

Maybeline : I thought u were my fairytale.