Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mood : Blank

Alright. Back to blog. :D
So like, few days back, I bought myself a cute lollipop.
The taste was awful.
I thought it would taste sweet or something.
Horror-stucked when i put it into my mouth.
It tasted like Panadol + Watermelon.
EEWW.. Pukes x 10
Appearance wise was okay, quite cute.
I sucked it for afew minutes n threw it away.
Pukes. I hate watermelon candies.

So my daily activities for the past 2 days are like,
Sleep, Work, Eat, Sleep.

Boring life im leading. Yes.
How patheticcccccc.
And i just finished my homework.
Ahh.. homework?
Beats me too. But my friend says theres homework for this n that.
So yup.

Nvm nvm.
Its coming its coming !! :D

Maybeline : Romeo and Juliet ; Happily ever after.