Monday, November 20, 2006

Mood : Blank

Am having internet connection problem as i went to terminate my Starhub broadband.
Recontract back already but SCREW them !
Need to wait for afew days to connect it back.

So im at my friend's house blogging now.

Went to Club MoMo yesterday night.
Not-so-fun afterall.
Maybe because i left the place earlier to meet * ?

Reached there n started drinking.
1 shot finish 1 cup.
And i finished 5cups.
Was really really giddy.

Many unhappiness was left at that place.
1. I left wendy n Huiyan there.
2. Didnt get to meet Evan.
3. Wasted Jon's cab fare.

Am sorry. Really sorry.

Cab-ed to Bugis with Shugeok to meet *.
Parted with SG.
*'s cousin drove them to eat supper while i sit there feeling nausea n damn giddy.
Vomitted quite a few times when i was there.
Can hardly walk straight but i wasnt drunk kays!

No idea wad time did i reach home.
But there were alot of miss calls and smses from this n that.

Cant imagine wad i will do without * yesterday.

My roses from Guojie :D

GuoJie and Me.

Derek with my flowers.

ShuGeok n HuiYan

More pictures when i finish editing them. :D

Maybeline : Nan dao ni bu dong wo de xin.