Friday, November 03, 2006

Mood : Blank

and then she will like black&white&red&pink..


Time flies. Miss u girls.

Attachment was replaced by SIM training today.
So had to go to school.
Met Liyana n Huixing to go sch together.
Alighted at Simei.
Its nice to have friends staying near you n u can go sch together. :D

Lunch wiv Liyana, Xing n Yama.
The girls were like laughing at * over n over again.
( [*] because i dunno how to spell her name. lol )

Was released at 3.45pm.
Met YQ outside function hall.
Went to try out for the donation of blood.
The doctor who examined me,
told me both my left n right vein were too small.
My heart sank alittle.
But she said i can give it a try if i wan to.
So I went to proceed to pricked my finger n check my haemoglobin level.
And finally the last station !
The station which i fear most.
The nurses checked my blood pressure n vein.
She commented n said "yes, its quite small."
If i wanna try, she will do so.
But i will most likely end up with a bruise.
She kept monitoring me non stop.
If i move my hand a little, she will start to panic.

But at least I managed to donate in the end !


Because my vein was alittle too small,
I had to squeeze the ball longer to collect 1 packet of blood.
Tiring ~
Huixing didnt managed to donate cuz her vein was too fine !
( But she did donate the previous time ! Weird? )
Can a vein shrink?

Anyway finish donating at 5plus.
Went home with YQ.

Just opened up my bandaged.
Dont understand how come its still bleeding.
Not like alot but its kinda weird when pressure was applied for 2hrs,
but it can still bleed?
Indeed, There was a bruise over my brachial area.

I'm tired.
So tired that i can sleep right now.
Tmr is morning shift.
Last day in that ward.
Bound to get some scolding for sure.

Maybeline : I dont know what you are thinking.