Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mood : Disappointed

A day out with HuiYan.
She accompanied me to Bugis to buy something.
And then i accompanied her to Causeway Point to get her company's stuff done.

Saw 2 secondary school friends on coincidence.
Kent and JunJie :D

Had my first and last meal of the day at 4pm.
I love Cheesey Popcorn Chicken !
As usual, I couldnt finish my meal.

We were like so called "harassed" by 2 guys in the train.
I cant believe such idiot exists.

Then we went to Creative Warehouse Sale !
Didnt intend to get anything there initially.
But we bought an mp3 player each on impulse.
Lol. Waste money for me but it was kinda worth it.
Shall give my old mp3 to Adel. =X

And then she came over to my place to load all the songs n stuff into her mp3.

I love to rot with Huiyan :D
We were talking about going to Snow City some other time.
I have yet to visit that place before.
And i cant wait to goooooooo.
Theres so many things i wanna do, so many places i wanna go.
Look @ my wishie list.

But next week is going to be a busy n boring week.

Each time my handphone rings,
Each sms i receive,
You dont know how much i wish it was you.
You dont know how its like to not hear from you.

...............................................and maybe you dont wanna noe nor care.