Sunday, November 12, 2006


So many happenings are making me smile like an idiot.

1. Kelvin Goh Ching Hong is out ! Like finally ! 2yrs gone !
2. Though my chauffeur did not drive me home, i went home wiv wendy :D
3. I managed to change my shift on my birthday ! Am on morning shift now !
4. Was posted to nursery with 10 infants yesterday.
5. I went to Escape Theme Park today.
6. I am going to shop tomorrow.

O-M-G ! I love my teacher.
Surprisingly, She allowed me to change my shift during my birthday.
Nursery was heaven !
I wanna work there foreverrrrrr.

Woke up at 7.30am by myself.
Not alarm.
Lied in bed till 8am and went to prepare to go out.
Met YQ for breakfast.
And its my first time eating " Ba Chor Mee "

Proceed to Pasir Ris with YQ.
Was surprised that each ticket cost only $6 due to their 6th yr anniversay.
Pirate ship makes one's leg go weak.
Haunted House was a big disappointment.
I thought it would be VERY VERY scary but no.
Yes, its scary at first, but its because its dark in there.
Go kart was fun.
And many many more.
After playing everything,
Went to buy drinks and played 1 rd of _______(?).
Dunno wad is it called.
But we felt nausea n giddy.
Reeeeaalllyyy NAUSEA for me !

Had lunch at downtown east. 2pm
Luckily we went out of Escape alrdy !
Cause it started to rain when we were eating. lol
Wanted to go to Tamp mall to catch Final Call,
But went to Marina Square instead.
Final Call's slot only starts at 7.50pm so we watched Flushed Away which is at 5pm.
Still nausea, so we bought prunes.
And it certainly helped alot.
I was extremely cold in the cinema.
Cause i didnt brought my jacket along. Darn.

Bus-ed to Far East to meet Wendy n Cara.
Coooooooooold. Dumb Weather.
Parted with YQ as hes going to meet Kelvin n gang.
MRT-ed back wiv Cara n Wendy. [:
Went to buy some sushi home too.
But i only ate afew n kept the rest cause my grandma cooked for me. :D
Im being such a glutton today. ;[

Huiyan, Cheer uppppp.
You know i'll be there for u.
You know i love you tooo !
6yrs n counting on..
Please be happy. (:

Maybeline : Will u catch me if i tell u that im falling?