Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mood : Happpppy

Woooooo. My internet connection is back.
Kinda unexpected cause Starhub told me that it will only be back on Thurs.
Who cares~ As long as i have internet to use.
:D :D :D

Anyway, its holiday for me this week.
Cause the nursing home that my group was supposed to go closed down for renovation.
So had to pay back 1 week of attachment during our holiday.
Aawww. Hate it.

Woke up at 9am today.
Washed up and went to school to take my S.O.R
Alighted n Tanah Merah and cab-ed to School.

Had lunch at Changi Airport with YQ.
Ate Popeyes. It was my first time eating.
It taste alittle spicy but quite nice.
Was amazed by the " Skytrain "
Laugh at me or call me a tortise all you want, Cause i didnt noe it exist. lol.

Then went to ikea and so on so on.
Lazy to type.

Thank you coffee,
For that lovely splitting cost for my birthday.

Oh nooooooooo.
My Internet is back.
Yes, I'm crazy. (:


PS : And not forgetting that i am going to eat someone's hand-baked cookies. Hehe.

Maybeline : Let the reason be love.