Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mood : Happy

I have found the solution to my problem.
Gotta go n stay at my relative's house in order to reach in time.
But i will only be staying there if im on the morning shift the next day.

Lots of travelling to do.
Cuz i wont be bringing my laptop there.

So example,

Today is noon shift, tmr is morning shift n the following day is morning too.
Shall stay over at my relative house today, n go work straight tmr.
And then after work, go home, shower, use the internet, and then to my relative's house again.
Sounds troublesome ya?
But no choice cuz i wanna use the internet !
Ahhh.. Lots of travelling.
Its okay, as long as i wont be late for attachment.

Everything went smoothly today.
But weird day cause im at some unfamiliar n weird place.
When i was waiting for mrt,
1 china woman came to me and " Miss, Can i borrow ur HP? I need to call my son."
Was shocked n scared that she will snatch my phone n run away.
But still, i lent it to her, wad if she really need to call her son?
Haha. Luckily, she didnt run away with my phone.
If nt i will regret.

And then when i reached woodlands,
I went to top up my card,
A man up to me and " Hello, I dont have enough money to go home, Can u gimme some coins? "
So i gave him all my coins which is only about a dollar plus.
Knowing that he is cheating my money n yet i still give.
Fool. But again, What if he really doesnt have enough money to go home?

Saw Jiamin at the station, So we chatted abit.

Love the environment at IMH.
And the patient of cause ! :D
But the canteen there close at 5pm everyday.
And if im on the noon shift,
my dinner-break is 6pm?
Its either i walk all the way to hougang green,
or pack some food from home/outside,
or bring instant noodles.

Pathetic can !

18 more days.

But but.. again,

Maybeline is a happy girl

PS : I know i keep repeating this. But i am happy whatz. lol.

Maybeline : And i love you so so much.