Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mood : Happy to the MAX

Sorry for not updating yesterday night.
Was worn out and reach home late.

And i almost forgot to wish KEVIN !
Who shares the same Birthday as me.

Thanks to all whom wished me VIA sms, testimonials, tags, message thru friendster, emails, phone calls or in reality.
But MORE thanks to, YQ for the surprise, HuiYan, ShuGeok, Neng, Coffee n Derek for the 2nd surprise.

Kays, I woke up at 5.30am to prepare for attachment,
And saw my HP with 9 new messages and 2 miss calls.
LOL. Was a little shocked to see Qayyum's message.
Wonder where he got my number, and we share the same birthday as well !
And my HP couldnt stop ringing from morning to night.

During Attachment, everything was peaceful except for 1 incident.
But its okay, Every obstacle makes u stronger. (:
Albert gave me a Perfume,
Safa n Syz gave me 2 looney tunes cup and a birthday pillow.
:D :D :D

Rushed home with Wendy, Eileen n Cara after that.
Bathed n prepared.
Went out at 6.30pm to meet YQ.
Had Swensens for dinner.
Its heavenly. lol.
Had some Mango icecream too.

Saw JiaMin n JieYing while walking. lol

Watched " The Guardian ".
Highly recommended movie !
Very very nice n touching.

Went home at 11.40pm.
TA DA ! And then the 1st surprise.
When we reached his stop,
he told me to get down the bus wiv him as he got something to tell me.
So i followed n was feeling blur at the same time.
Then he said that, " Your present is upstairs "
I went " HUH?! "
Caused initially when we met,
He said he did not bought anything so he treat me to Swensens n movie.
Surprised~ Surprised~

When i reached hom at 12.10am.
Am so so shocked to find Shugeok, HuiYan, Neng and Coffee in my room waiting for me.
Derek, the late king reached abit later.
Hes forever late ! And he can never be early !
They bought me a Card and a Chocolate Cake from Bengawan Solo.
2nd surprise.
If i noe they had planned all this,
I should have got home earlier instead of making them wait.
So they helped to finish the cake,
talked alittle and went off at 1am plus plus.

Qayyum, Kevin, We are 18 already :D:D:D

Double surprise ~
Oh man.. I feel fortunate with all these friends around.

Maybeline is a happy girl.

Maybeline : Wads forever, without you beside me? I cant imagine. (: