Friday, December 01, 2006

Mood : Tired

Kays, So like, i just got home from IMH.
Stayed at my relative's place last night.
Have to go back later cause im in the morning shift tmr.
Gotta pack some clothings, uniform and stuffs to bring over.

I only slept for 4hours plus yesterday night.
Tiring ~
But im happy at the same time.
Toooouchhed !

Lunch wiv Cara, Eileen n HuiXing.
My first time eating the canteen's food.
The food there suuuuuuucks.
I think i can skip all my meal in IMH.
1 gd thing is i can try to lose some weight.
But the bad thing is I will get really really hungry.
Cuz i dun have the habit of eating my meal before working no matter breakfast or lunch.
I wonder how the 3 of them actually finished their food when they said it sucks.

I think i have very very cute patients.
If not for the travelling n food,
i think i will enjoy my IMH posting.

16 more days.

I wanna spend the last day of 2006 with youuuuuuuu.

Maybeline : My number 1. Hao Xiang Jian Ni.