Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mood : Tired

Today is my first day in IMH.
I hate it. Cuz i live far far away n it is so time consuming.
I have no idea how to reach at 7am for morning shift when im staying so far.
I tried waiting for bus at 5.30am but MY FIRST BUS ONLY COMES AT 6 DAILY !
Sooo, I have to take cab to mrt station if im on the morning shift.
And im going to waste alot of money on cab cuz at 5am plus its still midnight charge.
This shucks so much n its so tiring.

I hope the last few weeks will pass in the blink of an eye.


Im suffering.
I should be in other courses,
studying in school,
having exams n enjoying my life.


Too late for regret.

19 more days to go.

My dad wants me to take private dip after i graduate.
Ohhh. Im so afraid that i might fail.
Its more than SGD$15,000 n its nt cheap.
Im so stressed up.


Maybeline : All i need is you.