Saturday, November 25, 2006

Basically, i spent the whole day eating, vcding, sleeping.
I was dead boring just now.

So at 8pm, i shut the com n went to lie down on my bed,
Took something out to count as well as listening to my mp3 at the same time.
Then suddenly, a smile appeared on my face.
Because, ........ I was thinking of *. :D

IMU (:

And then, i took out Mr. Brush and start brushing my laptop's key.
Am just so amazed by this little thing.

I wish i know how you feel.
So that i can step out of it if its wrong right from the start.

Keep me smiling.
Dont let it stop.


Mood : Happy


I didnt go online at all yesterday because i was out the whole day.
Wanted to blog yesterday night but was too tired to do so.

Dragged myself out of bed at 10am,
washed up, changed n went out to meet YQ.
We are going Ice Skating~

Before going in,
we had Kobayashi for lunch.
Bought gloves n socks.
And then innnnnnn to the skating ring.
14.70 + 2 + 2.50 = 19.20 ( Each person, for 2 hours )

I spent 2hours laughing non stop. REALLY.
Took some pictures too.

Next Next,
We bus-ed to Bugis to watch " A Battle Of Wits "
I thought we will be watching Happy Feets :x
Ohhh.. I so hate ungrateful people.
And i hate the king in that movie !

After the movie,
We went to Sim Lim Square.

And bus-ed back to eat " Tang Yuan " which is also known as " Rice Ball "
I didnt noe Rice Ball can be so tasty.
Cause i nvr like them before.

Haha. And then bus-ed back home.

I took this without him knowing. :x

Maybeline : Tell me now n tell me true.