Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mood : Blank

I'm so sooooooo coooold.

I'm listening to that chinese sooooooong.
And drinking Green Tea at the same time.

I really hate it when someone talks to me and " lahz, ley, lor"
Yes, sometimes i use them too.
But seldom.
Esp the word " LOR ".
Sounds so unhappy right?
For eg, " As you wish lor. " " Anything lor "
Like so unwillingly right?
I only use them under forced and unhappy circumstances.
So people, dont use it when talking to me ok? :D
Pleassssse. haha.

Just now, i told my dad something.
hiak hiak hiak.
And i think he don't really care either.
Cause im not Adel :x

And Im going to be "19" in 13 days time.
2007 !
I wanna learn how to drive.
I wanna learn how to cook.
( I cant even fry an egg. SAD )
I wanna learn how to bake.
So many wanna-learn next year.
But i dont want to learn how to swim.
Cause i dowan to get tan.

And then i will get 1 guinea pig to try out my cooking.
YES. I must learn how to cook.
So that i can teach my mum.

Mdm Tan is buying pizza for us on Thursday.
Cause she wont be with us on our last day which is Friday,
So she will be holding a " mini party " for us on Thurs.

Aaawwww. I cant believe everything is coming to an end.
So fast.
I dont know if im really happy.
My friends, my teachers, my patients, my course.

I'm still considering to find a job this holiday or not.
I dont need the money but most of my friends are working.
I'll be lonely.
How saaaaad.

Sometimes, my sista is alittle retard.
Shes just upstairs in her room and im downstairs in the living room,
Instead of coming down to chat wiv me,
She always msn me. ALWAYS !

Nvr make a promise if you cant fulfil.

Maybeline : 3 last days.