Monday, December 18, 2006

Mood : Blank

Hapy 18th Birthday, Weiling.
Be it happy or sad,
Everything has finally come to an end. (:

My HongKong friend is going back today.
Not coming back anymore until Graduation Day.
2years flies.
Supposed to send her off.
I smsed Eileen n Weiling.
But but but..
In the end nvr go.


Yay yay yay.
Finally, zooooomed from Thursday to Sunday.
( I bet no one understand this. )

I stayed at home the whole day today.
( Again )
Basically, I lied on my bed/sit on the chair and listen to songs throughout.

Life in Sg is boring.
Other countries are snowing and Sg is raining like almost everyday.
When can i get to see snow?