Monday, December 04, 2006

Mood : Blank

Today is a boring day.
I stayed at home for the whole day daydreaming.
Thinking of this and that.

Ohya ! I finally made YuLing's blinkie.
Sorry for the delay.

After that, i went to bathe Raven.
That dog is getting fatter n fatter.
I used to carry him without the need of using much strength.
And he looks fat because of his fur.

Normally, when his fur is wet he looked small n thin.
But now, my god my god Oh My God.
Irregardless of wet or dry, he still look fat.

I think he grew fat because i am not as free as before to ambulate him now and then.
So its my fault.
But nvm.


Good luck to all of my friends who are taking whatever whatever paper next week. :D
And its the rainy season,
Very very cold weather.
Do wear extra clothings !

I cant imagine my life without a jacket.
Cause I am wearing/bringing it wherever i go.
Seriously, I am not exaggerating.
I am very very afraid of cold.
Although i prefer cold climax than hot.

Gotta go prepare my bag and travel to my relative's place already.

Till then.

Maybeline : Love grows. I am loving you more n more each day !