Friday, December 08, 2006

Mood : Blank

Woke up with severe headache.
I suppose i slept too long or what.

Plus it was raining cats and dogs.
So i was sneezing away.
and away and away..

Jacket is warm.
Love it.
Jacket is something really really important.
For me. haha.

IMH held a singing competition in the ward we were assigned to.
Different patients for different ward came over to participate.
Some can sing really well.
Enjoyed the mini competition. (:

Crisis in the ward after dinner.

Didnt want to go home and sleep today.
Wanted to spend the night at my relative's house.
I really really really DRAGGED myself home.
Because something/ some feeling pulled me home. ( I guessed )
I want to use the com.
I want to go online.
I want to chat with you.
And i didnt regret coming home. Hehe.

I am going to shop for christmas presents this weekend !
( If i have the time. hehe )
Exchanging present with HuiYan.
Otherwise, next weekend.
Christmas christmas.

Maybeline : Hugs are the universal medicine.