Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mood : Content

Happy 18th Birthday MeiLing, My BitchylLing !
(5th Dec 1988)

Yay. You are finally 18.
Missya and meet up soon !
Holiday is coming :D
All the best to you and Alvin.
Onwards towards your 3rd yr anniversay and many many years to come !
Best wishes.
And lastly, FORGET ME NOT !

Yesterday Stimulation Training was fun.
My attachment group and Cara's merged into 1 group.
Went to cafe 2 and had my favourite omeletteeeeeee for lunch. :D
Ended at 3.30pm.
I was such a pig yesterday.
I reached my relative's place at 5pm.
Showered and slept till 10.30pm.
Woked up, lied on my bed and smsed till 12mn.
Fell asleep and woke up at 5am then off to work ~

Today is average.
Everyone in my group passed our clinical practice 2.2 !
And we are going to graduate together.
Have been spending alot of money on sweets, coffee, n titbits for my patients.
You have to work there to understand why I have to spend so much.
Not only me, My friends spent alot too.
But at the same time, I m saving up more than usual as i dont eat at IMH.

Im so excited about Graduation Day though i know its still long. ( Feb )
And we are allow to bring 2people with us.
Either your parents or your boyfriend/girlfriend.
My teacher says that it is going to be candle light environment or something.
Unsure of the details.
But sounds romantic !
lol. I wanna see my friends, my classmates, my clicks, my 6 buddha n my maos !

Sigh. Though its my 2nd week in IMH,
I still can get lost in that hospital.
It took me weeks to get use to NUH's environment.
I am such a road-idiot. ( "Lu Chi" in chinese )
And Eileen is forever laughing at me for this. ;(

Holiday is coming.
And i can dye my hair to brown real sooooon.
But maybe not !
Ahhhh. So indecisive.

It feels weird to be at home.
If you dont go online, i think i wont bother to come home just to use the internet.
I would rather stay at my relative's place for 3 solid weeks regardless morning or afternoon shift.
Because of you ~


But next week, 4days of morning shift and 1 day morning.
Wont be at home much.
But i wanna go online. ;(

The already-very-sweet-on-the-outside Lollipop :D