Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mood : Content

I miss my patients !

MX's sms woke me up at 7am+
Was about to fell asleep then coffee's sms came.
What a morning.

So i got up,
Had McDonalds for breakfast.
Went online for an hour or 2.
Slacked abit.
And went out to meet YQ.

I thought it would rain so i brought my jacket along.
But when i reached his place,
My god. The sun was shining so brightly.

Went to Jurong Point with his mum, sisters n nephews.
They ate BentoBox and i skipped my lunch as i took my breakfast.
Marcel n Max are hyper !
so on
so on
Bus-ed back to his place.
Watched Vcds and left at 7pm as he was meeting his bros.

I am so hungry noooooow.
But i have to wait,
Cause my dad is bringing us out for dinner at 8.30pm

Going back to my relative's house tmr.
And my dad is not free to drive me thereeeeeeeee.

And theres no family day-out tmr cause my parents are going to attend something.
O-M-G !
How am i going to spend my tomorrow?

Maybeline is a hungry ghost.

Another 15more days to bear !

Maybeline : In your arms i find my heaven, In your eyes i see my sky.