Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mood : Content

Im supposed to go town wiv Huiyan and Derek.
But it was raining heavily so everything was cancelled.
I was kind of lazy too.

Im left with so little time to shop for xmas present for so n so.
Next Saturday is my last chance to buy everything.
And i still dunno what to buy for them.

So just now i went to take a nap around 3pm with my mp3 on.
Woke up at 4.
Such a niceeee weather to sleep.
I wasnt tired at all.
But because i had nothing to do, so i went to sleep.

I'm hungreeeeee.
I am really hungreeeeeee.


1. Do you miss someone now?
Yes, alot.

2. Why do you think its hard for some people to understand you?
I think it is hard to understand anyone. Not just me.

3. What do you prefer? friends before being lovers,or the other way around?
Erm.. Friends before being lovers?

4. Take a line of a song dedicated to the one you are thinking of right now.
I keep trying to face the day
I'm lost without you

5. Have you done something lately that made u feel bad?

6. Do you hate someone?
Not really.

7. What did you do yesterday?
Work, Eat, Sleep, Wait.

8. Are you happy?

9. Say something that other people might be needing to hear to know more bout you.
I'm not sociable. Really.

12. What do you usually call your bf/gf?
Like wad most people call?

13. If death comes tomorrow, what would you do?
Run to him.

19. What do you want in life?
Happiness to all my love ones around me.

20. Who do you want to spend ur life with?
All my love ones.

21. Do you cry when you have problems?
Depends on wad prob.

22. Who cheers you up d most in your life?
No one.

23. Do you like to laugh?
Yes, alot.

24. Last food u ate?

25. Do you think people who like to study a lot are nerds?

26. What's your opinion on long distance relationships?
Hard to maintain.

27. What can u say about love at first sight?
Not easy to last.

29. What do you think about loving someone but he/she is not yours?

30. Have you ever tried loving someone who doesn't like you?
Yea of cause.

31. Have you ever dumped someone?

32. Did you ever get in a relationship with someone you didn't love?
Nope. Its impossible for me to do something like this.

33. Have you ever hurt someone?

34. Did you have a fight with someone today?

35. Do you have something you must do right now?
Find something to do.