Sunday, December 24, 2006

Mood : Content

Im not looking forward to Christmas Eve or Christmas anymore.
Not anymore.

Watched " Night At The Museum " with dearest yesterday.
Cool and hilarious movie.
And that " Dumb dumb thingy " is cuteeee.
- Dumb Dumb Wants Gum Gum -
Overall, it is a must-watch movie.

Reached home, online awhile and then off to bed.
Was exhausted because i was on the morning shift yesterday.

Slept for 10hours.
Nice sleep.
Its been so long since i had a good sleep.

Went out to buy Huiyan's present with dearest.
Had Mcdonalds for lunch.
Home after that.

Dunno why.
Although i had 10hours of sleep but im still very tired.
Tired to take a nap but didnt manage to fall asleep.

Browse thru my pictures folder.
Cannot help but laugh infront of the com.
I cant believe we did so many stunts and took so many STUPID pictures. lol.
( We as in Me, MeiLing, Weiling, Juliette, Eileen and Cara )
2 years. So how many pictures do you think i have? * winks *

Current song addiction : Cry on my shoulder - United

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