Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mood : Content

William just came back to sg for a short stay.
So Dearest and me went to meet him to get my so-belated bdae present.
We were late for 20mins,
So in order to make up for it,
I treated him to Swensens.

wo xi huan omeletteeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Parted with William and went to look for Adel and her clicks.
Dearest played afew rounds of pool wiv them,
Sang Adel her bdae song,
See her cut her cake and off we go.

I cant sign into MSN.
I'm so irritated.


( Me with uber small eyes -.- )

Remembering that when i already started to walk,
She was still crawling.
When i already know how to talk,
She was still mumbling.
And when i can already eat rice,
She can only drink porridge.

But now, we walk, talk n eat rice together.

Whahaha. Lame.