Sunday, December 31, 2006

Mood : Happy

2006 is coming to an end.
And the world is going to say
" Goodbye 2006, Welcome 2007 ".

Met up with Wendy,
Went to do manicure.

Met up with coffee,
Off to bugis to look for Wendy's nose and naval studs.

Got 2 new set of bling blings for my hp.

Went into a shop at Parco,
Wendy wanted to get * for Adrian.
But one of it was out of stock.
Soooo we went to Jurong Point's branch to look for it.
Pity. Out of stock too.

Adrian joined us later.
And then i parted with them after awhile.

Went to Dearest's house.
Both of his nephews were there.
Surprised by his belated christmas gift, a pink Puma jacket.
Home sweet home.

Maybeline : No idea what to say.


Alright. Back to blogging.
Wanted to update yesterday but blogger was abit laggy so...

I woke up at 12noon yesterday.

Talked on the phone with my little girl, Wendy.
Online awhile,
Bf reached home and i went to prepare.

Went to East Coast.
Tooooo bad.
There was no sun, if not we will be able to see sunset.
( Next time roller blade pleaseeeee? )

SIM ! Maybeline Sim ! :D

Dinner at parkway.
Bus-ed home.

I'm off to prepare and then out to meet my little girl.
We are going to do manicureeee. :D