Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mood : Not-So-Bad

So like I just got home.
I forgot to bring back my class photo and graduation letters n stuffs that day.
So <3 accompanied me to go back n take it just nw.
;) ;) ;)

Its was raining the whole day.
The rain can stop for awhile and then start raining again the next minute.
Weird weather.
But this means,
niceeeeeee sleep tonight.

Today's dinner was pathetic.
I wish my mum knows how to cook.
But it was loveeeeeeee.
She came up just to cook for me.

I feel LOVED.


1 day down !
No monday blues.
Peaceful Day.

Had to wake up at 5.30am when all my friends are still sleeping soundly.

After work,
Went to a nearby vending machine to get a cup of F&N Grape.
When it finish dispensing,
I took the cup and...
The F&N Grape was HOT !
Not cool, not cold but 1/4 Warm and 3/4 Hot.
Curious about the taste, Took a slip, DISGUSTING.
Tricked HuiXing into taking a slip too.
Without further hesitation, i threw it into the bin.

Thought it wouldnt rain when im going to wait for bus.
But nvm, afew hundreds raindrops wont kill.

Recently, Im so addicted to one chinese song.
I keep repeating it in my media player, my mp3 everyday, everynight.

Maybeline : 4 more days !