Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I just came back from my haircut.
Ubbbbbbbber short.
( Although still counted as long hair )
But to me, ITS SHORT.

Maybe when i wake up tmr morning,
it is just a dream.
A nightmare.

I should be lazy just now.
So that i wudnt go n trim my hair.

Listen up hair,
I'm only giving u 2 weeks to grow back to the length before i cut it !!!!!!


My Christmas.

Went to changi village to eat Nasi Lemak with Dearest, Mingyu and Kh.
( Yesterday)
I think we reached there about 8.30pm
And the queue for that stupid Nasi Lemak was ......
Took the guys quite awhile before its their turn.

After awhile we went for a stroll.
Mingyu wanted to see ah guas.
We didnt manage to see any.
I think all the ah guas went to orchard to celebrate christmas.

Went to a beach,
Sat down for awhile.
And then home sweet home.
Reached home at 12plus.

I think im going to trim my hair later.
yay yay.
( If im nt lazy to step out of house. )