Tuesday, December 26, 2006

When i study Biology,
I learnt that ( i forgot if its our left brain or right brain will fall asleep first ).
And then again, ( either the left or the right brain will wake up first ).
And today, I think i woke up at the wrong side first.


Take this quiz to find out how well do you know me.


Its finally Christmas.
And 6 more days to New Year.

Thank you for all the greetings VIA sms, testi, msn and messages.

Bought Chestnut colour contact lens just now.

Went to Countdown at town with HuiYan, Coffee and Jason.
Thanks Hy for the present.
I noticed people like to gimme necklace for present. lol
Had Kobayashi for dinner.

Went to walk around,
Sit around, Crap around.
Saw Yuling and her boyfriend on coincidence.
Oh ya, And my cousin. :D
I think Gabriel saw me, because he called my hp.

Bought 6 cans of spray outside Cineleisure.
I had to hide behind Coffee or Jason everytime someone spray.
And i think Huiyan was kinda pissed off with us because we sprayed her.
Bangalas were bullied.
lol !

MRT-ed and Cab-ed home.

My ulcer is killing me !!!
I'm so very tired.