Friday, January 26, 2007

Mood : Blank

YQ.w was sick for the past 2 days.
So i went over to his place after school for 2 consecutive days.

Yesterday i actually remembered the wrong timing for my first lesson.
I thought it was 9.30am.
I was walking to my bustop when Wendy called me at 8.30am.

Wendy : Where are you already?
Me : At my bustop. Why?
Wendy : HUH?! Do you know what time our first lesson is starting?
Me : Haha. I know ar. 9.30am what. I still got 1hour more. I will reach in time.
Wendy : Huhhhh. Its 8.30am. Everyone is present except you.

Whahaha. As a result, I was late for 1hr and 10mins.
Damn blur.
And it was chinese lesson.
Had to do Zuo Wen. And we had to hand it in before the lesson ends otherwise stay back.
So i was struggling luhz.

I'm so glad that i took Biology.
So much like Nursing's Biology. (:

Wendy commented on me again. HAHA !
She said I have change alot since _________________.
But i think, As year/day/time goes by,
I have grown, I have different views, aspects & opinions about love, life & family.
Im not trying to say that I've matured but i see things differently now.
( I know i'm still very kiddy -.- )
But i believe everyone will change right? * as they grow old *
I am going to be 20 next year.
Age starting with number 2 instead of 1.
No more a teenager next year.

In terms of size, I have also grown.
Fatter & fatter.
Shucks. Haha.

Look at this SBS bus.
Only 3 in Singapore.
Cool like totally.
I guess it will be darn comfortable.
And i wont have a chance to seat it cause its around Hougang that area.

Maybeline : Make me believe.