Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mood : Confused

Ahhh. This is effing touching.
Hence, I am really touched.
I will remember this for life !

I am so loved by my friend.
And guilty as well at the same time.

I saw you chase & chase & chase after the bus.

And and, Few days ago my NANA called me.
But i wasnt free to entertain her. So we hung up after awhile.
And she smsed me on this & that day.
During & after my lesson.
MY NAH EILEEN ~ I love you babe ! :X

My dad has got mood swing today.
I suffered.
He deducted my weekly allowance for no effing reason.
This shucks alot.
Damn damn damn.

Yq.W started his work yesterday.
School, Work, Sleep, School, Work, Sleep.
So tiring !

Sooooo.. I should not ask him out to accompany me.
Will just go and look for him when i'm free.
* like what i did today *

Colours of my life.