Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mood : Content

I went to trim my hair agaaaaaaaain yesterday.
Though it is alrdy very short but i cannot stand my hair.
Of cause the length was shorten but i think it is better than before i cut it.

Then met up with Bf for dinner.
Went to IMM to walk first then settled down at some HongKong Restaurant.
I wore my specs out yesterday and i left it on the bus.
lol. But we managed to find it back.

Went home, online and then listen to Bf's story.

As for today,
Met Wendy at 3pm.
Asked her to accompany me to shop for a male watch.

Found it after walking for quite some time.
Cost within budget.
I bought it because i like it.
But i dunno whether Bf like it anot.
Dunno the size of his wrist so i got to estimate and ask the person to shorten it.
Dinner @ KFC.
Slacked around waiting for the time to reach 5pm towards 6.
Cause Wendy starts work at 6.30pm so i accompanied her.

Thank you, my little girl.

Went to find Bf.
Passed him the present.
Luckily the size was just nice.
Strolled, Bus-ed home.

Maybeline : Do you believe in fate? I do.