Friday, January 19, 2007

Mood : Content

My right eye kept tearing yesterday night.
And there was this sharp pain,
All the way till morning.
I woke up in the middle of the night twice.
Thanks to my contacts,

Been creating & designing skins/themes for my handphone.
And the current one that i'm using is coooooooool.
Black & White.
Where is my red?
Most importantly, It has his face in it ! :D

Met Dearest for dinner againnn.
Bus-ed to Queensway for dinner.
Then bus-ed to Vivo City.
Walk walk walk.

ICherish. ITreasure. ILove.
Every moment spent with you.

I used to think that friendship and relationship are equally important.
But now, no.
I used to have a friend, a very gd friend of mine.
But now, we seems to drift apart.
I don't know what is she busy with,
Seems like she is feeling quite low.
And she nvr confides in me anymore.
I wanted to care,
But i just dont know how.
And i know this friend of mine,
will get to read this.

Dont compare yourself with my friend.
You know you are different from them.
Both are important.
But not equally.