Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mood : Delighted

I wonder anyone saw yesterday's newspaper.
Ayumi Hamasaki got STD !
Such a pretty lady.
And her world's concert......

First day of school !
And i was late. :(
Darn the bus. Made me wait for so long. :/
Took 2 test as teacher wanna see our standard.
Eng & Maths.
English was no problem.
But Maths. :/
( So long nvr study alrdy how to pass?! )

My English teacher was okay.
My Maths teacher, Mr Ang, is effing cute can !
And he commented on one student.
He said he look like Rain !
And the way he laugh,
So fat & cute.
Wahahaha ~
30minutes break time is so not enough.
Soooo little time, how to really finish my food?!

Lesson ended at 2pm.
Headed to Tiong Bahru with Wendy.
Dear came after an hour.
Parted with Wendy as she is going to find Adrian.
So we went to eat Mcdonalds.
Home after that.

Met Dearest for jogging at 7.15pm !
I brought Raven along.
Poor him. Panting all the way.
Shall not bring him along the next time.
So tiring ~ ROAR.
So we strolled instead of jog.
And i sweated alot. So stinky & sticky.
Back home at 8.30pm.

Its Sunday again !
Day out with family.
Shop shop shop.
Bought 2 tops & 1 skirt.
I loveeeeee.

Met up with Dearest, JY & RW at night.
They came to fetch me at 8pm.
As usual, Watch them play bowling again.
Followed by watching them take their supper.
Home sweet home at 11pm ~

I have decided to throw away my colour contacts alrdy,
Although it still have got a week of lifespan.
Boohoooooo. Uglyy.

Am going to shop for graduation day clothes this coming sat !
( With Dearest, Wendy & Adrian )
Total yayness.

Everyday is L-O-V-E with you.

Maybeline : I love you more than words can say !