Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mood : Delighted

Yesterday after school went to find Yq.W,
Brought a webcam over and installed at his laptop.
Muahahaha. Fun fun ~
Short of a mic for him then we can use video call in msn instead of typing !

The purpose of going there was to bake cookies !
So we started to bake....
*screams* so cuteeee. :X

Okay, shall not reveal anything more.

As for today, I went to Wendy's house to get some medicine from her for that Yq.W !!
Thanks alot Wendy ~ Loveyaaaaaa. *grins*

After that went home and prepare to go Mac to study with Dearest.
I did my school homework ! :D
Stucked at maths.
Ahhhh. I need coffee to teach me.

Late lunch at 4pm.
Went to his house after that.
Online, and watched television(SCV) till 7pm.
Nice show ~ It is about some game show? And 5566 is the host i think.
Darn funny arrh.

Dearest accompanied me to walk to the bustop & wait for my chauffeur.
Saw KH waiting for Mingyu on coincidence.
My chauffeur & mummy arrived and we went for dinner.
I love " Hor Fun " now.

Maybeline : Yin wei ni, wo bian de gen jian Qiang.