Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mood : Happy

Pull Your Ear

Resolutions for 2007.
1.Study REALLY hard
2.Genting with my friends
3.Lose some weight
( which i have always been hoping for )
4.Stay happy with Dearest
5.Find a job ( Maybe? )

Day out wiv Dearest, my little girl, Huiyan, Coffee and Jason.
Went to Marina to eat steamboat.
Someone touch Huiyan on the butt !
And the person is .........
Definitely not me.
Is ......... :(

I enjoyed the whole steamboat.
Cook n cook ALOT.
Jason's Sambal Chilli was creative !
The prawns tasted very nice regardless boiled or fried.
I didnt eat alot though.
Ahhh. Always like this.

After eating, We bus-ed and mrt-ed to Esplanade.
To slaaaaaaaaaack of cause.

Bus-ed home with Dearest after that.

Adult fare is taxing.
I don't likeeeeeeee.

I'm going to East Coast Park again tomorrow !

And lastly, Cheers to my little girl Wendy, Huiyan and Coffee.
7th year. (:

Maybeline : Loveeeeeeee.