Sunday, January 07, 2007

Mood : Happy

Pictures up !
Scroll down to see.

Yay. Finally enrolled myself into a private school.
With Wendy of cause.
Am starting sch on 22nd of Jan.

Aaww. Just 2 more weeks to enjoy.

Yesterday played too much.
And today is really boring.

I'm so tired.
I wanna sleep.


Sorry for not updating for the past 2 days.

The day before yesterday,
Went to watch Death Note 2 with Bf,
Dinner @ MOS burger,
Back home.

Yesterday dragged myself out of bed at 9.15am
slept for 6and a half hr onlyyy.
went to East Coast Park again.
Wahaha. This is crazy. 3 times in a week.
So like, Went there wiv Bf again.
And like finally, He skated.
Fun fun ~

Lunch at McDonalds.

Bus-ed to Suntec.
And then The Cathay. ( Dunno if i spelt it correctly )
Walk walk see see.
Walked to Plaza Sing.
( I was alrdy half dead when we reach Plaza Sing )
I didnt expect the walk to be sooooooooooooo long,
And then to find out that there is nothing much to see.

Bus-ed to Clementi Interchange.
Then Bus-ed to Hougang for dinner.
( We wanted to waste some time since we gt alot of time. lol )
Halfway the journey,
His friend RenWei called.
Though he agreed to fetch us from Hougang to Clementi to play pool.
We didnt want to trouble him so we alighted and bus-ed back.

Reached there, the place was full, so they changed to bowling.
Back home at 12mn.