Monday, January 15, 2007

Mood : Happy

Went to Pulau Ubin with Bf, Kelvin and his Gf.
So i met Dearest at 1030am at my bustop and we went to eat McBreakfast.
Bus-ed to Tanah Merah.
Then to Changi Village to eat lunch.

So O-M-G.
Cause i wasnt hungry.
But i am afraid that when i reach Ubin i will be hungry so i ate.
2 meals in such a short period of time.

Boat-ed to Ubin.
Cycle cycle cycle.
Walk walk walk.
Boat-ed back to Changi at 6plus.


Dinner @ ???
( Forgot the name of the place )
Bus-ed home.
And i fell asleep in the bus.
So so tired.

But overall it was fairly fun.

And today, My dad drove us into Malaysia again.
Shooooppped !

Bought a pants and 2 tops whereas Adel bought 1 top.
I need many many more of it for my sch !
And a new pair of sneakers.
Starting school soon :(

Shall shop again this Sunday with my mum.
( Cause when i'm with her, i do the choosing and she do the paying )

My butt is still pain :(

The weather is so cooooold today.
Been wearing my jacket for 12hours alrdy.
Pls let this weather continue for another 5years.
I rather feel cold than warm ~

Stupid girl with dad's sunglass.

Maybeline : I need my hair to grow longerrrrrr & my fringe to be shorterrrrr.