Thursday, January 04, 2007

Mood : i-dunno

After talking to my little girl,
She said that I've changed.
Actually I didnt notice it at first.
Budden it was true.
Good or Bad ?

I think its good.
Right wendy?


I am going to register in a private sch this Friday.
( If nothing goes wrong )
Might be studying with Wendy?

I don't know how i am feeling right now.
Have yet to register but im already feeling alittle stress.
Am i?
Or am i worrying too much?


Visited East Coast Park with my Bf again yesterday.
Packed with so many people.
All the stalls renting out bicycles and roller blades's business were exceptionally good.
All the blades were out of size.

So we went for a stroll and then sat down and enjoy the breeze.
Waited for 2 of his friends to come.
Went to Marine Bowl to watch the 3 of them bowl.

Dinner and home sweet home.