Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mood : Low

Forced myself to wake up at 11am.
Cooked instant porridge for brunch.
Shower and prepare to go and meet Cara.
Was late by 15mins.

As usual, Alighted at Tanah Merah and cab-ed to school.

Got our SOR & transcript,
I passed mine to Dearest to keep cause my bag wasn't big enuff.

Bitchyling arrived after awhile.
Met up with Jason & chatted awhile while waiting for bitchyling's turn.
Accompanied Cara & ML to Cafe 1 for their lunch.

MRT-ed to town ~
Cara & me accompanied ML for her modelling thingy.
After which, we went to Far East to shop.

Cara & me bus-ed home. (:

Cara & Maybelineeeeeeeeeee. :D
Bitchyling & Cara

I'm begining to dislike colour contact lens.
I think its ugly.
Think i wont be buying them anymore.
Back to the normal transparent contacts ~

Orientation was a total waste of time.
Luckily it only lasted for 45mins.

Met up with Dearest for dinner.
He gave me a couple ring. (:

Bus-ed to Bugis & Far East.
Home Sweet Home after that.

Break the silence.
Dont play with it.
I am afraid of it.

Maybeline : Do i let myself go and feel the rain ?