Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mood : Content

Day 2.
Here without you.

Yq.w is coming back in 2 days time.
( Hopefully there won't be any delay. )
Life is just not the same without him.
No. It should be the same.
Cus he is nt just living on the outside.
He is sitting inside too.
My Heart.

So.. I Don't Miss You.
Cause you are forever around :D

没有谁能把你抢离我身旁, 你是我的专属天使.
没有谁能取代你在我心上, 拥有一个专属天使, 我哪里还需要别的愿望.
要不是你出现我一定还在沉睡, 绝望的以为, 生命只有黑夜.

HOHO. After i offline at 7pm yesterday,
Wanted to take a 3hr nap before going out to shop for seafood.
But when i woke up, It is already 9.42am in the morning !
Guess i was too tired.
( Pls understand that i slept for about 2hrs only the day before yesterday )

Onlined till afternoon,
I went to Spring Clean my living room & bedroom.
Rest, Online, Teevee.

Reunion dinner @ 6pm with family was love.

Have you had your dinner?
Or are you having reunion dinner now..?

Maybeline : My occupation is a shooter.