Friday, February 02, 2007

Mood : Content

Went to pluck/trim my eyebrown with my little girl.
:D Finally.
We have been saying that it is time for us to trim since last week?

After that met Dear for lunch at Bedok.
Was famished !
Ate only 1 meal for today.

I am so addicted to Elva's new song.
Seldom will i load chinese song in my blog.
If i load, it means i think it is really niceeeee. :D

Jan07 is not a good start.
Welcome Feb07.

But i wish Chinese New Year don't come.
I hate crowds.
I don't really want to meet up with my relatives.
I am not anti-social.
I just don't like people to come to my house.

Damn my hair.
Just rebonded it yesterday.
So bloody flat luh.


Jiu Shi Ni

Even just an hour is more than enough. (: