Sunday, February 04, 2007

Mood : Crazy

I have the urge to close down my blog.
I don't feel like blogging anymore. ( ,although it is my hobby to blog. )
I don't need people to know about my life, my love, my family, my friends & stuffs like these.
To be exact, I don't need them to know how am i, who am i with, or what am i doing.
Why should i let others know when it doesn't even concern them in the first place ?

I don't want YOU to read my blog.
Shoo :(

I want to close down. Really.
But i can't bear to.
So i will not be blogging very into my private life anymore.

Enter>Chinatown>Bugis> & Back to enter again.

Love all my darlings, Wendy, Huiyan & coffee.
7th year is not a lie.

I appeared very high throughout.
Yes, we were fooling around in the bus,
Playing, crapping all kind nonsense.
But i'm not okay.
Not okay at all. :(

I'm so afraid.
Deep inside.
Afraid of what? I don't know myself. Don't ask me.

Shopping for graduation day 's clothes was rubbish.
Most of them i chose were out of size.
And i hate long skirts.
Formal wear, skirts = knee length? Damn.

So i went home EMPTY HANDED.

He finally got his haircut after i threaten to cut for him ! lol.


Maybeline : wo xiang ni ming bai.....