Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mood : Emo

My longest post ever.
Don't bother to read it as it is plain boring.

Tomorrow is the Graduation Ceremony.
And after tomorrow, I am no longer related to Nursing.

It was like just yesterday when i went to apply for Nursing.

Still remembering, I went to school with Wendy on the first day. Lost & confused, not knowing what to do except to follow the signs & instructions. Can’t help feeling sad when we were not in the same class. I don’t have many friends. I don’t interact with strangers. Juliette was my first friend. She sat beside me. From then on, we became clicks.

Next, came Cara, my classmate. She travelled to school with Wendy & me everyday. Occasionally, Guojie would come & fetch me home. The drift between Wendy & me started to get wider & wider as we were in different class, hanging out with different friends. She was leading her life & me leading mine. Not long after that, Meiling, WeiLing, Eileen entered my life. The 6 of us, ( including Juliette & Cara ) spent most of our time crapping & fooling around.

As Nursing study hours were slightly longer compared to other courses, I spent most of my time in school. Relationship was a problem. It ended due to many many reasons. East Point, & Tampines mall with my clicks almost everyday.

James came along & I managed to kick him out of my life 6-7 months later. Knowing him was the biggest mistake I could ever make. Numbing myself is all I want to do. During my lesson time, I would sleep & sleep & sleep or drawing nonsense with WeiLing. All of these continued as I proceed to Year 2. It continued for exactly 1 whole year. But things started to change alittle after i met _______ in Year2. We meet each other to go to school every morning & stuffs.

Attachment & School & Projects. Eileen became my favourite playmate in or out campus. HuiXing, the “Wifey & Hubby”, my confidant during attachment. I realized it was too late to study. Everything was very hectic. Being the last year in school, we had a lot of projects to rush. So many that I could hardly breath, In order to survive I need to grasp for air. Wendy & me got closer again. We studied together for our final lap.

Out for attachment again. _______ appeared again. Was screaming for joy when everything was finally over. How did I managed to survive after 2 solid years of torturing ( excluding my posting in IMH ) ?

Many things ran through my mind as I blog this. But in simple, I enjoyed my 2 years. Be it sadness or joy, I managed to overcome everything. So many so many things happened within this short period. Seen alot of life & death. At times, I feel so helpless after seeing death. But my heart was beaming when i witness the life of a newborn ! That kind of feeling is so unexplainable. I’ve changed from the start till now. No longer the girl who cry easily. Not anymore.

Is keeping quiet all we want to do?