Friday, February 09, 2007

Lovely graduation

Mood : Loved

Yesterday's Graduation was a happy one.
Dearest came and fetch me at 6.50am & made me so rush.
But i'm happppyyy.

Met Wendy & bf, Cara, Eileen, Weiling on the train.
I love all my friends ~~

When the photographer took my picture when I'm on the stage collecting my cert,
I didnt look at the camera.
I think i am the only one who didnt look at the cam because my teacher was taking a picture of me at the same time, so i didnt know which camera to look at.

Everything lasted for nearly 4hours.
Went to eat Suki Sushi Buffet at Cine with Bf.
Love loves.
But i'm so sick of Sushi & chawanmushi for the time being. -pukes*
We took the wrong bus when we wanted to go to Bugis, thats why we ended up at chinatown.
* laughs @ Yq.w *

Shower>Tv>Music>Out again.

As for today, School>JE>Bf's place>Home.

All my friends are going seperate ways now.
The independent route that i will have to take too one day.

If only i'm still at year 1. Fooling around with them..
But hais.

It's over.....