Friday, March 09, 2007

So tired of everything

I'm not going to do any more animations for whoever that is not in the least appreciative or thankful at all. They'll just message you & ask for blinkies AGAIN & AGAIN when in the first place, they are not even using them at all. BAH! You're just wasting my precious time when i can take the time to rest & do many other things. Firstly, I do not owe u anything that i have to make blinkies for you. Secondly, I am not your slave or servant. I don't have to obey your biddings. Thirdly, I do not have to agree upon every request. Lastly & honestly, I don't mind sparing my time to make animations for you if you use them, But if you are not appreciative at all, I'm sorry, Do it yourself. I don't wanna be taken for granted. Thankyou.

Hopefully you know that i am refering to YOU. Search your conscience.

I spent the whole day helping out & taking care of 2 kids.
Very tedious but fun & loving.

Take J.O.K.E.S
Maybe it is wrong right from the start afterall.
Again & again.

I'm tired of all these.