Sunday, March 18, 2007

HAAA. What a joke !

Saw something somewhere.
& I find it pretty funny.

Kays. So like yesterday I was too tired to blog,
& I blogged a quick 1 before going to bed.

Anyone noticed that I've already change my blog song since yesterday's evening?
Let it load & listen if you haven't !
(cus it is a very very meaningful & sweet song.
& it is very soft. So I'm not sure if anyone have already heard it yesterday.
I'm trying to find a louder version & post it up.
In the mean time, just bear with it & adjust the volume!)
And the lyrics is in my previous post. Not full lyrics though.
Cus i don't like the last part therefore I removed it.

ME : Must learn how to sing this song k?
yQ.w : When ___ ________ __ that time i sing to you.
ME : LOL !

Woke up as early as 9.15am this morning. (to me it is very very early for a weekend)
Hair treatment ~
& am going to ECP wiv Dearrrrr, Wendy & Adrian later.
SHIT! I hate the sun.

Bye for now.
Hopefully, I'll be back at night to blog again (: