Saturday, March 24, 2007

I just can't get enough of you.

My 2nd Blog!

Long & tiring day.
Today's weather is way toooooooooo hot.
Not a VERY-GOOD day for zoo.
But still counted as not-so-bad.

RW drove & picked the 3 of us up from our home.
Very very kind of him.
Lunch & then ZOO.

Animals animals & animals.
Sweat, sweat & sweat.
Pictures, pictures & pictures.
LOTS of pictures VIA handphones & digi cam.
More pictures to come after Dear load them to his computer.

VIVO after ZOO.
Dinner at Secret Recipe.
Not a very good restaurant i must say.
Egg shells found in cakes.
Waited 10mins for the bloody cakes to be served to us.

Walked around after eating.
Crap, crap & crap (:

Dearest & my shadow.

We had a hard time taking pictures with these 2 dolls.
Cause there were too many people looking & the female doll was way too playful.
She was blocking & blocking us on purpose when we were talking pics with the black ball.
(blocking as in purposely walk infront of our cam when we were abt to snap!)
Qiang Jing Tou !! Haha. But she is vvvvvvvvvvv CUTE :D